Best Lemon Essential Oils for Home

Enhance your space with the bright, clean, and zesty aroma of lemon essential oils. We listed the best lemon essential oils that are steam-distilled from the zest of the highest-quality lemons. Refresh your home and uplift your mood with the tangy, refreshing scent of lemon.

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Do you know that tangy, citrusy smell of fresh lemons? Wouldn’t you have that refreshing aroma wafting through your home whenever you wanted to be great?

Essential oils are perfect for bringing lemon’s bright, uplifting scent into your living space. As a bonus, lemon oil has natural cleansing and mood-boosting properties.

There are several varieties of lemon essential oil, each with a unique fragrance and benefits. This article looks at five best lemon essential oils for home use. Find the perfect one for you.

These lemon essential oils can help freshen your kitchen, clean the air, and improve your mood. Get ready to fill your home with lemons’ vibrant, zesty essence.

Lemon oil is excellent for your home, with many benefits. For starters, it naturally freshens and brightens any space. With just a few drops in your diffuser or simmer pot, your place will smell clean and vibrant in no time.

Another great reason to keep lemon oil on hand is its purifying properties. Add 5-10 drops to a spray bottle filled with water and use it to disinfect surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom. It’s a perfect natural alternative to harsh commercial cleaners.


Lemon essential oil is also very uplifting. If you’re feeling down or unmotivated, diffuse a few drops of lemon oil. Its bright, citrusy aroma can help boost your mood and energy levels.

Combine lemon oil with water in a spray bottle for an all-natural air freshener. Spritz it around your home, especially in smelly areas like the trash can or cat box. The lemon scent will overpower unpleasant odors and leave your place smelling fresh.

Can’t sleep? Rub a drop of lemon essential oil on your temples for a soothing aromatherapy treatment. Its calming properties help relax your mind and body, making it easier to drift off to sleep.

With many practical uses around the home, lemon essential oil deserves a spot in your aromatherapy collection. Keep a bottle handy for a quick boost, cleaning, or freshening the air. Once you try this bright, refreshing oil, you’ll want to use it again!

The Many Benefits of Diffusing Lemon Essential Oil

The diffusing lemon essential oil in your home has so many benefits. For one, it naturally freshens the air and leaves your space smelling clean and bright.


Lemon oil is also a natural mood booster. Its fresh, citrus aroma can help reduce stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling more positive and relaxed. Diffuse it in your home office, bedroom, or any space where you want an uplifting vibe.

Respiratory and Immune Support

The antiviral and antibacterial properties of lemon essential oil make it ideal for supporting respiratory and immune health. Diffusing lemon oil can help eliminate airborne bacteria and other microbes that can make you sick. It’s beneficial during cold and flu season.

Lemon oil also contains d-limonene, which can help loosen congestion and make breathing easier. Diffuse it when coughing, chest congestion, or sniffling for quick relief. The soothing, refreshing scent will open up your airways in no time.

Natural Cleaning Power

Lemon oil is a natural cleaning and deodorizing agent. Its fresh, citrus scent helps eliminate odors by neutralizing the air when diffused. It leaves your whole house smelling clean and fresh without harsh chemicals.

Diffusing lemon essential oil has so many benefits for your home and health. It freshens the air, lifts your mood, supports respiratory health, and naturally cleans and deodorizes.

Best Lemon Essential Oils for Home: How To Choose

When choosing the best lemon essential oils for your home, several factors come into play. You want an oil that is high quality, 100% pure, and suited for your intended use.


Source and Extraction Method

Look for a lemon essential oil that is cold-pressed from fresh lemon peels. This method keeps more citrus smell and suitable plant substances.

Avoid oils that use chemical solvents, as these can leave behind residues. The best lemon essential oils come from certain types of lemons, like Meyer or Eureka lemons, known for their oil.

Purity and Potency

Choose a 100% pure, USDA-certified organic, non-GMO lemon essential oil. Look for oils that say “Citrous lemon” on the box to ensure they are pure.

Make sure that no other oils or things have been added. The oil should have a strong citrus smell that makes you feel good. Oils that have more helpful compounds like limonene in them are more strong.


Think about how you will use lemon essential oil. Cheaper oil will work well if it’s for aromatherapy or diffusing. But if you want to use it on your skin or for cleaning, choose a food-grade oil made for cosmetics. Some lemon oils are diluted to be safer for the skin, so read the details carefully.

When choosing a lemon essential oil, remember these things. When selecting lemon essential oil, keep in mind a few important factors. It should be pure and of high quality.

Additionally, ensure that it suits your intended use, whether for aromatherapy, cleaning, beauty products, or other purposes.

You’ll get the maximum benefits from this sunny, citrus-scented oil by choosing the best lemon essential oil for your purposes.

1. Plant Therapy Lemon Essential Oil: Best Overall

Plant Therapy Lemon Essential Oil is considered the best overall lemon essential oil for home use. It’s 100% pure, undiluted lemon oil that’s kid-safe, non-toxic, and free from fillers and synthetic ingredients.

Plant Therapy Organic Lemon Essential Oil 100% Pure, USDA Certified Organic, Undiluted, Natural Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Grade


Sourced from Italy

Plant Therapy sources its lemon essential oil from organic lemon groves in Sicily, Italy. The lemons are handpicked when fully ripe to ensure maximum essential oil content and quality.

Fresh lemon peels are gently cold-pressed to keep all the aromatic compounds intact. The result is a very high-quality, intensely citrusy lemon essential oil.

Many Uses

This versatile lemon essential oil has a variety of uses around the home. You can add a few drops to a spray bottle with water to make a natural disinfecting cleaner for cutting boards and counters.

Freshen the air by diffusing a few drops in an essential oil diffuser. Add to laundry for a refreshing lemon scent. Add a few drops to a warm bath to make an uplifting lemon bath.

You can add lemon essential oil to homemade hand soaps, lotions, and sugar scrubs.

Kid-Safe and Non-Toxic

Plant Therapy’s lemon essential oil is safe for use around children and pets when properly diluted. They put instructions on each bottle for different age groups.

Lemon essential oil is non-irritating and non-sensitizing for most people when used appropriately. Always do a patch test on your skin first if you have sensitive skin.

It has the aroma of freshly squeezed lemon juice with sweet, citrusy notes. Diffuse a few drops in the morning to start your day energized and in a positive mood.

Add 1-2 drops to a carrier oil for an uplifting massage. Plant Therapy’s oils are affordable, so you can use this lemon essential oil generously without worrying about the cost.

Using lemon essential oil at home is an easy, natural way to relieve stress, boost your mood, and promote overall well-being. With many reputable brands to choose from, you can find an oil that suits your needs and budget.

Diffusing, massaging, and spraying these bright, refreshing oils around your home will make any day a little sunnier.

Great Value

You get a lot of high-quality, organic lemon essential oil for the money with Plant Therapy. Their bottles contain 30ml to 100ml of lemon essential oil, and they frequently run sales that drop the prices up to 50%.

They also have bundle packs available that lower the price per bottle. Plant Therapy Lemon Essential Oil is a great addition to any home oil collection, offering good quality and many uses.

Plant Therapy Lemon Essential Oil is the best choice for lemon oil at home. It is pure, organic, versatile, safe, and valuable. Your home and family will benefit from this refreshing and uplifting essential oil.

2. Edens Garden Lemon Essential Oil: Most Affordable

Edens Garden Lemon Essential Oil is an affordable, high-quality option if you’re on a budget. You can buy a small bottle of lemon oil for about $10. The lemon oil is pure and safe for kids.

It is also not tested on animals and does not contain genetically modified ingredients.

Edens Garden Lemon – Steam Distilled Essential Oil, 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade (Undiluted Natural/Homeopathic Aromatherapy Scented Essential Oil Singles) – 10 ml


Refreshing Citrus Aroma

The lemon essential oil has a bright, refreshing citrus aroma that can lift your mood and boost energy levels. Diffuse a few drops in your home or add to a spray bottle with water for a natural, homemade air freshener.

Uses - For Cleaning & Aromatherapy

You can add a drop or two to your floor cleaner or dish soap for an extra boost of freshness.

Place a few drops on your wrists or temples and breathe deeply for aromatherapy benefits. Lemon oil smell can ease stress, boost focus, and bring emotional stability.

Lemon oil is also great for natural cleaning and degreasing. Add 10-15 drops to a 16-ounce spray bottle filled with water to make an all-purpose cleaner for counters, appliances, floors, walls, and more. The natural solvent properties of lemon essential oil help cut through grease and leave surfaces sparkling clean.

For a nourishing hand lotion, combine a few drops of lemon essential oil with an unscented lotion or carrier oil like jojoba or sweet almond oil.

Gently massage into your hands, especially after doing housework or yardwork. The fresh, citrus aroma will revive your senses while the oil moisturizes your skin.

Versatile & High Quality Essential Oil

Lemon oil from Eden’s Garden is a versatile essential oil that anyone interested in green living can’t do without. It’s inexpensive and can be used for many things, like spreading a few drops, adding it to homemade cleaning products, or putting it on your skin for aromatherapy.

This high-quality lemon essential oil from Edens Garden is an excellent addition to your natural remedies and aromatherapy staples collection.

Edens Garden’s lemon essential oil is 100% pure, undiluted, and certified organic. It’s sourced from lemons handpicked in Argentina for maximum essential oil potential.

This lemon oil has a tart, bright, and refreshing aroma. Add a few drops to a warm bath for a relaxing soak that relieves stress and reduces anxiety.

You can also make an all-natural lemon spray by mixing a few drops in water. Spray it on linens, carpets, and surfaces for a burst of lemon freshness.

3. Rocky Mountain Oils Lemon Essential Oil: Best for Purity

Rocky Mountain Oils produces a high-quality lemon essential oil that’s 100% pure, natural, and ethically sourced. Their lemon oil is cold-pressed from lemon peels and contains no fillers, synthetics, or GMOs.

Rocky Mountain Oils – Organic Lemon Essential Oil 15ml



Rocky Mountain Oils ensures its essential oils are pure by testing each batch of lemon oil for impurities. Rocky Mountain lemon essential oil is pure, natural, and safe for use at home, thanks to their strict quality control and independent tests.


Rocky Mountain Oils sources their lemons from orchards in Italy that practice ethical cultivation and harvesting. The lemons are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Rocky Mountain Oils pays fair wages and helps improve communities for farmers. You can feel good about using a sustainable and ethically produced product by choosing their lemon essential oil.


The fresh, bright scent of lemon essential oil has numerous uses around the home.

You can:

    • Add a few drops to a diffuser to freshen the air and lift your mood. The citrus aroma is refreshing and uplifting.
    • Make an all-purpose cleaner by combining lemon oil, vinegar, and water in a spray bottle. Use it to clean and deodorize surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom.
    • Add lemon oil to laundry detergent to naturally brighten and freshen clothes. It helps whiten and remove stains.
    • Use lemon oil in homemade hand soaps, lotions, and bath products to moisturize skin and leave you smelling citrusy clean.
    • Repel insects naturally with lemon EO. Apply to the skin, spray on surfaces, or even plant leaves.

For high quality and purity, Rocky Mountain Oils lemon essential oil is an excellent choice for use in your home. With its fresh, vibrant scent and natural cleaning powers, lemon oil has many benefits and uses for a healthy, happy space.

4. NOW Essential Oils Lemon Essential Oil for Cheerful Aromatherapy Scent

NOW Essential Oils offers a variety of 100% pure essential oils, including Lemon Essential Oil. Extracted from lemon peels through cold pressing, Lemon Essential Oil has a refreshing citrus scent and is known for its uplifting, cheerful properties.

NOW Essential Oils, Lemon Oil, Cheerful Aromatherapy Scent, Cold Pressed, 100% Pure, Vegan, Child Resistant Cap


A Refreshing Aroma

With a fresh lemon peel fragrance, Lemon Essential Oil is popular in aromatherapy for its refreshing and rejuvenating scent. Adding a few drops to a diffuser can help boost your mood and lift your spirits.

You can also add a drop to natural cleaning sprays, hand soaps, and lotions to impart a bright lemon fragrance.

Natural Health Benefits

Beyond its pleasant aroma, Lemon Essential Oil offers numerous health benefits. It is high in d-limonene, which gives lemons their distinctive smell and may have antioxidant effects.

Lemon oil is antiseptic and boosts the immune system. It aids digestion and may help with weight loss when taken in small amounts.

High Quality and Pure

NOW Essential Oils sources the highest quality essential oils from around the world. Their Lemon Essential Oil is 100% pure, vegan, and non-GMO. It is carefully tested to ensure no fillers, additives, or contaminants. NOW Essential Oils Lemon Essential Oil comes in a 4-ounce bottle with a child-resistant cap.

NOW Essential Oils Lemon Oil is a versatile and uplifting oil with a citrus scent and health benefits. Ideal for home and personal use. By providing high-quality essential oils at affordable prices, NOW Essential Oils makes it easy to experience the power of lemon.

5. Handcraft Lemon Essential Oil - Premium Therapeutic Grade

Handcraft Lemon Essential Oil is 100% pure, natural, and of premium therapeutic grade. It is free from additives and fillers, offering powerful benefits.

Handcraft Lemon Essential Oil – 100% Pure and Natural – Premium Therapeutic Grade with Premium Glass Dropper


Antimicrobial Properties

Handcraft Lemon Essential Oil has natural antimicrobial properties beneficial for the skin. It can help reduce inflammation and fight infection.

The citral and limonene compounds in lemon essential oil have been shown to help inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes.

Refreshing Aroma

The bright, refreshing citrus aroma of Handcraft Lemon Essential Oil uplifts the mood and promotes feelings of cleanliness. The zesty fragrance is ideal for freshening the air, eliminating odors, and boosting alertness and clarity.

Diffuse it in your home or workplace for an energizing effect.

Versatile Uses

The Handcraft lemon essential oil can be used in three ways: smell, put on the skin, or eaten. It can make the skin look better and younger when mixed with other things.

People use it to get rid of stress, help with digestion, boost their immune systems, and improve their ability to focus.

With its refreshing aroma, antimicrobial properties, and versatility, Handcraft Lemon Essential Oil is a must-have for your essential oil collection. 

Freshen Your Home With Lemon Essential Oils

Freshening up your home is easy with lemon essential oils’ bright, citrus aroma. The refreshing scent of lemon lifts your mood and leaves your space clean and inviting.

lemon reed diffuser at home

Purify the Air

Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your diffuser to naturally purify the air in your home. The fresh, tangy fragrance will eliminate odors and make your rooms crisp and clean.

Try combining lemon oil with other purifying oils like tea tree or lavender.

Disinfect Surfaces

Lemon oil kills germs and bacteria, acting as a disinfectant. Add 10-15 drops of lemon oil to a spray bottle filled with water. Use it to wipe down and disinfect counters, sinks, cabinets, and other surfaces in your kitchen and bathrooms.

The lemon oil will cut through grime and leave your home sparkling clean.

Improve Mood

The refreshing citrus aroma of lemon essential oil boosts your mood and reduces stress. Place a few drops in an aromatherapy diffuser to fill your home with a mood-brightening lemon fragrance. The pleasant smell makes a happy place and helps you concentrate better.

Using lemon essential oil in your home is an easy, natural way to purify the air, disinfect, freshen up, and brighten your mood. 

Lemon Essential Oil FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Lemon essential oil is one of the most popular oils for home use. With its bright, refreshing citrus scent and natural cleansing properties, lemon oil has many practical benefits.

If you have questions about using this oil at home, here are some common FAQs and answers to help you.

When properly diluted and used as directed, lemon essential oil is generally considered safe. However, as with any essential oil, it can irritate the skin if undiluted.


Before using lemon oil, do a patch test on your arm and mix it with coconut or jojoba oil. Lemon oil may not be safe for kids or pets.

For most topical uses, dilute 3 to 5 drops of lemon essential oil in 1 teaspoon of carrier oil.


So, for example, five drops of lemon oil in 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil would be a 5% dilution.


You can use lemon oil undiluted or dilute a few drops in water for cleaning or diffusing. When in doubt, start with a more diluted solution and add more essential oil as needed.

There are so many ways to use lemon essential oil at home:


  • Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water for a natural cleaner. Use to clean counters, appliances, floors, and more.
  • Add 2-3 drops to a load of laundry as a natural brightener.
  • Combine lemon oil with coconut oil for an invigorating massage or moisturizer.
  • Place a drop on the sticky residue to help loosen the bond before wiping clean.
  • Repel insects naturally by applying diluted lemon oil to your skin, clothes, or surfaces.
  • Add 1-2 drops to a glass of water for a refreshing infusion. Be sure to dilute well and drink only occasionally, as essential oils are very concentrated.

Lemon oil is essential for home care and wellness. Follow guidelines and dilute for safe use. Your home will smell clean and bright in no time!


So there you have a roundup of the best lemon essential oils and guides to freshen up your home. With their bright, citrusy scents, you can’t go wrong with these options.


Add a few drops to a diffuser, spray bottle, or cleaning solution, and enjoy the fresh lemon scent in your space. Your home will smell clean and bright in no time.

And when life hands you lemons, at least you know how to make your place smell like them.

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